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Zentralinstitut für Ernährungs- und Lebensmittelforschung (ZIEL)

Abteilung Mikrobiologie
Technische Universität München
Weihenstephaner Berg 3
D-85350 Freising

Biodiversity of microbial populations in industrial habitats

Group leader: Dr. Mareike Wenning

 The focus of our research is the microbiota of different habitats like raw milk and products thereof, wine or the pharmaceutical environment. We are analysing the biodiversity as well as shifts and stabilities of microbial populations at both species and strain level. Of further interest are microorganisms harbouring a particular potential for food spoilage such as tolerance to refrigeration temperatures or production of enzymes.  

A second focus is the description of novel hitherto unknown species and genera, which are frequently found in biodiversity studies. The new isolates are characterised by molecular, biochemical and chemotaxonomic techniques and are integrated into bacterial systematics. In addition, we are using the Next Generation Sequencing technology for generating whole genomes of bacteria used for conducting phylogenetic analyses. 


Our Team

Dr. Mareike Wenning                                   Gruppenleitung
Dr. Genia Lücking                                         Projektleitung
Dr. Etienne Doll                                            wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

M.Sc. Christopher Huptas                            Doktorand
M.Sc. Anna Dettling                                      Doktorandin
M.Sc. Christopher Maier                               Doktorand
M.Sc. Annemarie Siebert                              Doktorandin

Charon Fuhrmann                                         technische Angestellte
Inge Celler                                                     technische Angestellte
Angela Felsl                                                   technische Angestellte
Patrick Schiwek                                             technischer Angestellter

Current Research Projects

Regulation of peptidase production in Pseudomonas, AiF-FV 18326 N (Dr. Genia Lücking, M.Sc. Christopher Maier)

Thermophilic spore-formers in milk powder, AiF-FV 18356 N (M.Sc. Anna Dettling)

Description and definition of bacterial species on the basis of whole genome sequences (M.Sc. Christopher Huptas) 

Farm specific raw milk microbiota (M.Sc. Annemarie Siebert, Dr. Mareike Wenning) 

Finished Research Projects

2017  Thermophilic spore-formers in milk powder

2017  Psychrotolerant spore-formers in ESL milk

2014   Heat-stable microbial enzymes in raw materials of the dairy industry
            - quality control, development of a testing system and technological

Analysis of natural site-specific yeast populations in wine yards 
           and their importance for spontaneously fermented wine

2011   Microbial biodiversity in air and pharmaceutical products plants

2011    Identification of pathogenic yeasts from humans

2009    Microbiota of raw and processed milk
2009    Identification and differentiation of yeast occurring in the brewing 

2009    Differentiation of probiotic bacilli and lactic acid bacteria used as
            feed additives

2007    Differentiation of probiotic and ubiquitous yeast from animal feed

2007    Precise and simplified identification of microbial FTIR spectra for 
            quality assurance in food processing companies


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Innovationspreis für Siegfried Scherer

Otto-von-Guericke Forschungspreis für Siegfried Scherer

A novel short L-arginine responsive protein-coding gene (laoB) antiparallel overlapping to a CadC-like transcriptional regulator in Escherichia coli O157:H7 Sakai originated by overprinting (2018)


Comparison between Listeria sensu stricto and Listeria sensu lato strains identifies novel determinants involved in infection (2017)


Differentiation of ncRNAs from small mRNAs in Escherichia coli O157:H7 EDL933 (EHEC) by combined RNAseq and RIBOseq-ryhB encodes the regulatory RNA RyhB and a Peptide, RyhP. (2017)

Complete circular genome sequence and temperature independent adaptation to Anaerobiosis of Listeria weihenstephanensis DSM 24698 (2017)

Discovery of numerous novel small genes in the intergenic regions of the Escherichia coli O157:H7 Sakai Genome (2017)

High binding affinity of repressor IolR avoids costs of untimely induction of myo-inositol utilization by Salmonella Typhimurium (2017)

Genetic characterization of the Galactitol utilization pathway of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium. (2017)

Heat stability of indigenous milk plasmin and peptidases from Pseudomonas: a challenge in the production of ultra-high temperature milk products (2016)

Spoilage of Microfiltered and Pasteurized Extended Shelf Life Milk Is Mainly Induced by Psychrotolerant Spore-Forming Bacteria that often Originate from Recontamination (2017)

Bakterieller Stoffwechsel als Pathogenitätsfaktor (2016)

Transcriptional and translational regulation by RNA thermometers, riboswitches and the sRNA DsrA in Escherichia coli O157:H7 Sakai under combined cold and osmotic stress adaptation. (2016)

Hysteresis in myo-inositol utilization by Salmonella Typhimurium (2016)

Probiotic Enterococcus faecalis Symbioflor® down regulates virulence genes of EHEC in vitro and decrease pathogenicity in a Caenorhabditis elegans model (2017)

Draft Genome Sequence of Lysinibacillus xylanilyticus SR-86 (Nov. 2016)

Permanent colonization of creek sediments, creek water and limnic water plants by four Listeria species in low population densities (November 2016)

Draft Genome Sequence of the Xanthan Producer Xanthomonas campestris LMG 8031 (Oktober 2016)

Comparative Bioinformatics and Experimental Analysis of the Intergenic Regulatory Regions of Bacillus cereus hbl and nhe Enterotoxin Operons and the Impact of CodY on Virulence Heterogeneity (Mai 2016)

Regulation of fucose and 1,2-propanediol utilization by Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium (März 2016)

Acidified nitrite inhibits proliferation of Listeria monocytogenes - Transcriptional analysis of a preservation method (März 2016)

Translatomics combined with transcriptomics and proteomics reveals novel functional, recently evolved orphan genes in Escherichia coli O157:H7 (EHEC)

A sensitive and robust method for direct determination of lipolytic activity in natural milk environment (März 2016, online first)

Evidence for the recent origin of a bacterial protein-coding, overlapping orphan gene by evolutionary overprinting (Dez. 2015)

Massive horizontal gene transfer, strictly vertical inheritance and ancient duplications differentially shape the evolution of Bacillus cereus enterotoxin operons hbl, cytK and nhe (Nov. 2015)

Chemodiversity of cereulide, the emetic Toxin of Bacillus cereus (2015)